AM Solar systems – Company Overview

Climate change has become a major threat to our planet Earth, electricity and fuel bills are continuously rising and our reliance on national grid’s power continues to grow.

Pakistan is committed to achieving reduction in carbon emissions. To overcome these challenges, AM Solar Systems is offering solar energy solutions to reduce our energy consumption and help move to a sustainable, low carbon lifestyles.

AM Solar Systems is a leading and trusted solar energy solutions provider and manufacturer helping residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients save energy and money on a day to day basis. Our professionals help clients from a wide range of sectors and are committed to deliver quality solar energy systems in Pakistan. We honor our commitments to the clients by our leading and renowned research at our manufacturing facility.

Our professionals and technical experts are always ready to offer best solar energy systems that are economical and efficient to meet your expectations and needs.

AM Solar Systems has gained a reputation for expertise based on extensive hands on experience in renewable energy sector.

We offer complete solar energy solutions, including:

  • Products Selection
  • Site Survey, Design and Installation Support
  • System troubleshooting
  • Training and Product Knowledge

Why AM Solar Systems?

  • Get benefit and have confidence in a company with several years of experience in renewable energy industry.
  • You will be work with one of the leading companies in the industry.
  • Gain access to experience and knowledge of leading solar energy systems manufacturer.
  • Get money saving tips and advice to help you gain business success through cost effective systems