Ahmad Moeen

Ahmad Moeen

Mr. Ahmad Moeen is the founder and CEO of AM Solar Systems. He helps company revolutionize sales over the past decade, and is a leading authority on company’s solar energy solutions. Under his supervision, the company has helped individuals and companies transition from ordinary power  to more greener solar energy solutions.

He drives AM Solar Systems’ continued growth and expansion through developing and building large scale solar energy projects which includes several projects currently in operation nationwide. The company is now one of the leading solar energy providers in Pakistan.

Nasir Mehmood Khan

G.M. Marketing
Mr.Nasir Mehmood  is General Manger Marketing at AM Solar Systems Pvt (Ltd) Pakistan.

He began working at AM Solar Systems, and throughout his career with company, has held a number of positions that have progressively strengthened his Marketing Management skills and knowledge.

Mr. Nasir is in-charge of all activities related to marketing and business development for renewable power division.

Mr. Abdullah

Production & Quality Control Manager
Having sound education and work experience, Mr.Abdullah is production & quality control manager and is in-charge of making sure that company’s products meet acceptable quality standards. In his day-to-day tasks, he performs several jobs, including some of the work done by business administrators and human resource managers. He makes it certain that production and manufacturing lines perform efficiently, coordinate employee efforts, and facilitate communications between company’s management and production departments. He also devise ways of improving the production process to ensure higher-quality goods.

Engr. Sajid Mehmood

Engr. Sajid Mehmood joined AM Solar Systems with a commitment to provide best possible solar solutions to our valued clients. He tests, evaluate and recommends engineering or manufacturing changes to achieve solar design objectives. Mr. Sajid is responsible for a successful system completion right from the beginning to the end and performs thermal, stress and cost reduction analyses for solar systems. He also develops standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for solar installation work.
Mr. Asad Yousaf

Mr. Asad Yousaf

Admin Manager
Mr. Asad Yousaf oversees the support operations of AM Solr Systems. He ensures that there is effective information flow and that resources are employed efficiently throughout  business operations.