We understand the renewable energy and the needs of commercial properties such as offices, education institutions, and public organizations.

For commercial solar energy solutions, we generally arrange an initial site visit before offering an estimation to our clients. During the site survey, our technical staff checks the available area for the solar panels, space for inverter, and the cable distribution from solar panels to the inverter and the board where system will be connected.

Our professional team also makes sure that there is no shading of the solar panels from nearby trees or buildings.

Advantages of Commercial Solar Systems

  • It significantly reduces your businesses overheads, improves your business operations and 100 percent electricity costs savings during the day.
  • Get rid of increasing utility bills  and other electric fixed costs. It also protects your business against future increases in utility prices and power outages.
  • It reduces onsite grid power used and reliance on the national grid.
  • It helps reduce carbon emission and increases sustainability credentials & improves business reputation.

Our Commitment

At AM Solar Systems, we understand that switching from ordinary power to renewable energy can be an overwhelming process. This is where we come in and take all these responsibilities while you continue growing your business.

  • Our firm estimation will analyze your energy consumption and gives you a realistic investment payback projections.
  • We will design systems that will save you money while increasing your sustainability credentials.
  • We will provide after-sales support
  • You will be provided by a monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on system’s current and past performance.
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • System maintenance including system analysis, electrical maintenance and inverter maintenance